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British Voice Association - 'The Voice for Voice!'

The BVA is a group of over 600 multi-disciplinary professionals promoting issues surrounding the voice. We run a variety of training days throughout the UK on a range of voice-related topics from a medical, scientific and pedagogical viewpoint. One only has to experience the inconvenience of a bout of laryngitis or suffer from vocal fatigue to realise how important our voices are to our everyday lives and work lives.

On 16 April every year we celebrate World Voice Day with new informative brouchures, which are available for download from the BVA website. Past titles include: 'Singing is good for you!', 'Muscle Tension Dysphonia', 'Valuing Voices', 'Reflux and your Voice', 'Paralysed Vocal Folds and Voice', 'Children get vocal nodules too!', 'Voice disorders and the workplace', 'Dealing with Dysphonia', 'The truth about vocal nodules', 'Tune in to your voice' and 'Take care of your voice'.

In July, we hosted 'Recovering Voices - the transition from 'injured' to 'well’'. It defined what is meant by vocal injury, and how it affects voice users physically, professionally and emotionally. Leading representatives from the fields of Laryngology, Speech and Language Therapy, Singing Teaching/Voice Coaching and Performance Psychology talked about their different roles in the rehabilitation process, how they determine and measure 'injury' and 'recovery' and how they communicate and work with clients to achieve a successful outcome.

This is an issue with much currency because in the teaching profession much time and money is lost in a high percentage of teachers experiencing voice problems and being unable to teach for a time. It’s also not unusual for professional singers to experience vocal problems from heavy work periods and having to have time out from performing as a result. The BVA is the ‘go to’ place for advice in this area, such as how to find a local voice clinic.

In October, we’ll be running a one-day course called 'Vibrato!' at the Royal College of Music. It will feature a range of speakers who will dissect how and why vibrato happens and its role in voice clinics and teaching studios. There will be examples of, and discussion about, vibrato in the context of solo, ensemble and choir music making.All details of our courses, past and present, are available on the website: We hope to see you at one of our events soon!