Sounds Like Women

Written, produced and recorded by Luiza Staniec, the Sounds Like Women project aims to help fight the most pressing issues women all over the world face. Luiza tells us more about the project.

My name is Luiza Staniec, I am a Polish sing-songwriter based in South-West England. I am also a music producer and sound-therapist.

‘Sounds Like Women’ is an empowering music and social project which portrays women’s true stories of inequality, domestic violence and gender, and racial biases through 12 songs. It aims to help fight the most pressing issues women all over the world face such as inequality, racial abuse, nationality biases and violence against women.

Through the album, we want to raise awareness about these most pressing problems women face. We would also like the proceeds of the album to help women who need empowerment and inspiration to fight inequality in their lives or stand up against violence and other forms of oppression. We are hoping to approach decision makers in the government, media and private companies who can make a change in these areas.

The songs are performed by international vocalists from different backgrounds, who give a voice to those who don’t have an opportunity to speak. All the women featured on the album have suffered some form of oppression in the past.

The main aims of the project are to raise awareness about these very pressing issues, stop the silence, find sup

port and solutions. All the artists featured come from a different background, country, and culture, and has a unique perspective on the issues.

Alongside the project promotion, we want to run a series of live performances with everyone featured on the albums, as well, as singing, song-writing workshops for all stages of music lovers. In small groups, we will demonstrate in practice the power of musical expression, that could help prevent or tackle issues, as well as, overcome it and empower.

Collaborating on this musical project with female and some male musicians from all over the world I want to show the healing and uniting side of musical expression and equal collaboration; putting together negative feelings of the stories into songs and make positive and empowering use of it.

Luiza Stanic