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Sing, Share and Support the Military Wives Choirs’ new commission

Many of you may have heard of the Military Wives Choir (MWC) through the flagship number one single Wherever You Are which created an unprecedented level of public empathy for military wives and partners in 2011.

Since this point, we have grown and thrived to become a charity supporting a network of over 70 Military Wives Choirs across British Military bases in the UK and overseas. We aim to bring women in the military community together through singing, whatever their military connection, and make a positive difference to women’s lives by improving well-being, building friendships and developing skills in the process.

Military Wives

There are no auditions, required skills or experiences necessary to take part meaning our support can benefit as many women in the military community as possible. All choirs share a core repertoire which facilitates members’ moving between choirs if they are relocated; something which happens often within the military community and makes it difficult for women to put down roots, make new friends and get to know people in the local community.

That’s why our values are so important:

  • SING – we sing great songs that challenge us to be the best we can be. We give performances that make us proud to be in a MWC.
  • SHARE – we enjoy each others’ company and feel part of something special. Through having fun, we feel uplifted and happier.
  • SUPPORT – we are a team and we help each other to cope. A member of one MWC is an equally valued member of all MWCs.

Now, the Military Wives Choirs need your help. We are looking to commission a new song for our network of choirs – a song which our ladies will leave rehearsals humming and audiences have stuck in their heads for days after the performance. It needs to feel patriotic and upbeat whilst incorporating our key themes of camaraderie, support, strength and family.

If you think you can take on this challenge and produce something which over 2000 choir ladies across six countries can get behind, applications are open until 14th April 2017. The selected composer will ultimately need to write in the form of a melody with piano accompaniment. We welcome submissions from songwriters, composers and other artists: to apply please send your CV along with a previous example of your work and a summary for your vision for the song to me via [email protected]

We believe we are stronger together so please support us in our mission to bring women in the military community together through song - we look forward to receiving your submissions!