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Why classical music needs more than musicians

I come from an extremely musical family, and I love that there are a number of great schemes out there to help young and talented artists find their feet. Starting my own company, WildKat PR, at a young age has also opened my eyes to the need for more young and creative people off-stage, however, and I strongly feel that the spotlight needs to be shared.

I believe that our industry needs to encourage ambitious young people aspiring to work in arts administration in order to flourish. This includes organisers, visionaries, social media enthusiasts, PR professionals, marketing managers and a whole range of other roles. These professions can be incredibly difficult to break into, and that’s why I am establishing the Noted Innovation Fellowship.

The Noted Innovation Fellowship is aimed at 22-35 year olds who have a cutting-edge idea that will lead the industry into the future. As well as receiving £3500 towards their idea, the winner will also receive access to a list of mentors, including some of the biggest names in the non-performance side of classical music.

We are looking for new ideas rather than simply experience. Whilst other grants and fellowships stipulate a great amount of paperwork and a fully formed plan with a precise budget and a reference, all I am looking for is the beginning of a great idea. We will help to figure out everything else further down the line.

The list of mentors is continuing to grow, and I am delighted to receive the support of colleagues including composer Max Richter, Marcus Axt, CEO of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and Grammy Award-winning producer Chris Alder. Just as every successful classical musician receives individual mentoring, the Fellowship also provides mentorship that is personally tailored to the winning applicant. The winner will also receive help in creating their brand image through the innovative design agency Classical Music Design.

The deadline for the first stage of applications is 15 February 2015 and I am really looking forward to hearing more undiscovered ideas from applicants who want to create their own careers.

Kathleen Alder

You can find out more about the Noted Fellowship at www.wearenoted.com. You can also get in touch via Facebook at www.facebook.com/wearenoted and Twitter: @wearenoted.