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New focus - New Partnerships, New Audiences

My previous blogs have set the scene for a new business model and highlighted the vital importance of effective marketing and communication.

As the lead organisation for The Warwickshire Music Education Hub we are charged with finding and working with new partners to constantly improve the quality of music education and this has been a very stimulating part of the journey.

In Warwickshire we have always enjoyed partnership working and in recent years have established strong links with Yamaha Music, Charanga and local Rotary groups amongst many others.Yamaha have been tremendously helpful with our Drumschool set up in the east of the county and we are constantly looking for new ways to work with them - perhaps most obviously via their whole class band approach. Charanga are key partners in our drive for outstanding teaching and this partnership is leading the way in our commitment to develop home IT networks to support student learning. Partnerships with local Rotary groups are enormously helpful through fundraising that supports students with limited financial means; a key issue with disappearing funding. Another long standing relationship with exciting potential is with the Arts Centre at the University of Warwick - a regular venue for our annual showcase event and positive partners in creating new and exciting performance projects. One example of a very new partnership is the Jaguar Land Rover Day of Brass in partnership with Warwickshire County Music.

Marketing, Communication and Partnerships are now the backbone of our planning to ensure new customers and new audiences for the future.

Jeremy Dibb
ISM member and Senior Manager at Warwickshire County Music Service