Interactive map celebrates the UK’s live music scene

Insure4Music reveal a comprehensive map of the UK’s best small live venues.

The team at Insure4Music are passionate about promoting grassroots music, especially in light of the well-publicised closures of small music venues across the UK. They believe it’s vital that musicians have somewhere local to play live, and that more credence should be given to the UK’s iconic live music scene.

That’s why they have launched an interactive map of the UK’s best small music venues. This map covers all corners of the country and contains key information such as location, capacity, contact information and even which venues provide a backline.

Not only is this a handy guide for musicians, it’s also a useful tool for people looking to find somewhere local to catch the next big thing.

It features some interesting ‘Did You Know’ trivia, notable acts who’ve played in specific venues as well as unique insights from venue spokespeople.

This website champions a cause which is very close to the heart of Labour MP John Spellar, whose ‘Agent of Change’ Bill to save live venues from closure gained widespread public backing from the likes of Paul McCartney and Billy Bragg among others.

Since Mr Spellar took the Bill to Parliament, the government has incorporated it into planning guidance for local authorities, meaning any new developments such as flats must be integrated effectively with existing facilities such as music venues.

Mr Spellar said to Insure4Music: “This map highlights why the UK’s vibrant live music scene is celebrated the world over. Quite simply, small music venues make our country a more attractive destination.

“The most famous musicians of all time have started out at some of these iconic venues and it’s vital that people continue to support them. Otherwise, the future of live music is in danger.

“The support for Agent of Change has been fantastic and the Bill’s success presents a fantastic opportunity for the next generation of musical talent to emerge.

Local councils must use the power they’ve now been given to back British music.”

Written by Insure4Music.