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Club Europe Concert Tours: Inspiring musicians young and old

We love getting feedback on our school music tours but this is one of our favourites:

'The students at my school benefitted so much from the experience. When I am retired and sitting in the back garden, drinking tea with my slippers on, it will be a treasured memory and remind me of why I went into teaching and what a privilege it is to work with young people making music.'

These are the words of Roland Hills, Head of Music at Sir Herbert Leon Academy in Milton Keynes on his choir tour to the Rhineland. As musicians ourselves – we have conductors, steel-panners, orchestral woodwind players even signed-up singer/songwriters – it gives us a real sense of pride when we get comments like this about our tours and a buzz goes round the office.

As the UK’s leading school music touring company, we have been inspiring young performers on stages around the world for over 30 years. Our young music makers play in a vast variety of venues from bandstands in parks to Fauré’s church in central Paris, in workshops, joint concerts with other schools and community groups and in music festivals. Every concert for every group is carefully planned to match the group’s ability and experience whether they are a young sacred choir, orchestra, brass band or adult choir.

Music tours can be a great motivator and focus for ensembles. James Slimings is Chorus Master for the Kilbarchan Singers: 'I think tours are incredibly important musically; it allows you to perform music in a different culture, gives a reason to learn some more unusual repertoire and also acts as an exercise in ensemble in difficult acoustics which you aren't used to.'

Whether they’re on a short three-day tour to Belgium or a 10-day tour to Boston, the highlight of every concert tour is that moment they step on the stage, the audience quietens and their leader raises the baton. 'The acoustics at the church in Koblenz' Hills wrote, 'were superb and just to see the look on the students faces as they responded to the sound they produced sent a tingle down my spine.'

Jenny Dalton, Club Europe Concert Tours

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