Impulse Music Consultants: Just for the record...

Classical music streaming is up. Statistics for 2018 from the BPI have revealed that the rise in streams of classical tracks is outpacing the rest of the sector at 42% compared with 33% for the whole UK music market. A quarter of classical music is now consumed as streams but interestingly, CD sales also rose.

However we might like to interpret this, and the pundits will span the spectrum from gloom and doom to a new golden era for classical music, there remains no doubt that recordings are not only in demand but also an essential tool for performers and composers.

At Impulse, we have a thriving consultancy on all aspects of professional activity and readily offer advice on available routes for recorded media. Composers lean towards the streaming and download model, while performers often benefit from actual CDs which they can offer for sale at concerts and events. There is the added benefit here of engaging with the audience by being there to sign a sold CD.

There is no shortage of companies willing to offer musicians recording opportunities but there is a shortage of advice on the detail of a deal and how to get best value for money from a recording project.

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