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Take the Grade 1 challenge

Making Music, the UK membership body for amateur and voluntary music, is challenging people around the country to take up a new instrument and reach grade 1 standard by the end of the year.

So far there are over 60 participants taking on a wide range of instruments from the clarsach harp to the clarinet. Making Music is providing support to each participant throughout the challenge, helping them to choose an instrument, find a teacher, find music and keep motivated throughout the process. This is a challenge that is truly accessible to anyone regardless of age, previous musical experience, and location.

The Making Music Grade 1 Challenge is being run as part of the BBC’s Get Creative campaign which aims to encourage people to try out a new art form and engage with the rich creative communities that exist around our country. The challenge was launched in February this year and the hope is that participants will take their exams in the winter of 2015. Making Music will cover the costs of the exam fee for anyone who agrees to fund raise for them as part of the challenge.

Learning a musical instrument is something that anyone can do, all you need is a desire to learn, a teacher, an instrument, and a good supply of determination. The Grade 1 Challenge will provide much needed encouragement and a supportive starting point for people to learn instruments they otherwise might not have done.

Playing music, whether that be practising for an exam, learning new techniques or playing in a group, provides thousands of people around the country with hours of enjoyment and a sense of achievement. If you are interested in getting involved in the Grade 1 Challenge as a student or as a teacher then please email [email protected].

About Making Music

Since 1935, Making Music has been the membership organisation for amateur music in the UK, bringing together musicians and music groups of all genres and abilities.

We support, connect and champion everyone who makes, performs and presents music on a voluntary basis. The services we provide allow our members – ranging from symphony orchestras to samba bands – to cross the boring things off their ‘to-do’ lists and get on with making music.

About BBC Get Creative

Get Creative is a campaign led by the BBC and What Next? in partnership with a huge range of arts, cultural and voluntary organisations across the UK. It is a major celebration of the arts, the culture and the creativity that flourishes up and down this country and is enjoyed by millions.

The campaign is a celebration of the world-class arts, culture and creativity across the UK and sets out to encourage a broad audience to engage more meaningfully with the arts.

Get Creative, led by the BBC and What Next? came about as a result of the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value and collaboration with Voluntary Arts, Culture at King’s, 64 Million Artists, Fun Palaces, Cultural Learning Alliance and Arts Council England.

About What Next?

What Next? is a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations from across the UK, to articulate and strengthen the role of culture in our society. The aim is to engage the public in new and different conversations about how and why the arts are important, and become a catalyst for fresh thinking and new policy ideas. ­­­www.whatnextculture.co.uk