Freemuse - defending freedom of artistic expression

Freemuse is an independent international organisation advocating for and defending freedom of artistic expression.

They believe that at the heart of violations of artistic freedom is the effort to silence opposing or less preferred views and values by those in power–politically, religiously or societally–mostly due to fear of their transformative effect. With this assumption, Freemuse can address root causes rather than just symptoms–if they hold violators accountable.

To accomplish such fundamental change, Freemuse monitors and documents violations of artistic freedom, exposes laws and policies that enable and sustain these violations, and leverage evidence-based advocacy for systemic structural changes at international, regional and national levels. Those findings are later gathered and explained in a number of reports. One such major report, The State of Artistic Freedom 2019: Whose Narratives Count? analyses 673 cases of violations of artistic freedom that occurred in different cultural spheres in 80 countries throughout 2018.

Further reports spotlight major causes and violations based on issues and outcomes. The most recent report, Privatising Censorship, Digitising Violence: Shrinking Space of Women’s Rights to Create in the Digital Age highlights the state of artistic freedom for women artists online.

You can join the movement to defend artistic expression with Freemuse as an Artistic Freedom Defender by signing up here.