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The rehearsals have very much been a two-way process that has helped to shape and develop the music for the young musicians. Due to the nature of the piece it involves the musicians working in some unconventional ways; including playing melodies at their own individual tempo so that they overlap and create a texture, or playing repeating patters which are directed by the conductor. It has involved the tutors, leaders and myself working together to fully understand how we can teach the piece to the young players and so that we all understand the intention of the music. Feedback from students and tutors has helped me see it from their point of view and include small but important changes to help the young musicians learn the music, such as larger fonts for the music so they can view it easily.

The three ensembles started by learning the music independently from each other; therefore communication was vital so that any small changes I made with one ensemble could be altered for the other two groups. The three ensembles finally came together to start putting the music together and the main rehearsal issue now is getting the correct balance between the different parts and practicing the links between the different sections of the music.

The tutors from ‘In Harmony’ have been fantastic to collaborate with and have really helped bring the music to life in the rehearsals.

Kirsty Devaney