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Can you Give a Gig for young musicians?

What are your main memories of making music when you were young?

Perhaps you remember the satisfaction of the first time you mastered a tune on your instrument, or the friends you made playing in ensembles. Maybe it was when you learned to express yourself with your own compositions. Were you inspired by older role models and teachers who helped you discover music? Do you remember the moment you realised you wanted to have a career as a musician?

The effects of music-making can be life-changing. At Youth Music, we want make sure that every young person gets the chance to take part in, and progress through, any kind of music, whatever their circumstances. We believe the right to creative musicality begins at birth and lasts throughout life.

We support over 400 music-making projects across England, helping around 90,000 children each year. But there’s still so much more to do: currently we can only fund around a third of the project applications we receive. So we’ve launched our new fundraising campaign, and now we’re asking you to please Give a Gig.

We're looking for musicians, promoters, venue owners and music fans to put on and attend gigs to support Youth Music's work. Funds raised will enable us to help even more children and young people to take part in life-changing music-making opportunities.

From local pubs and clubs to festivals and arena tours, you can Give a Gig by donating a percentage of the proceeds from your live music event. Of course we understand that too often musicians are expected to work for a low wage or for free. We fully respect the need for all Give a Gig supporters to make sure they don’t end up out of pocket at the end of the night. But if you can spare a percentage of the ticket fee from a show, or persuade a venue to let you use a room free of charge, or run a raffle to raise extra donations, then we’d be hugely grateful for however much you can spare. You’ll be helping to change the lives of young musicians just like you.

To find out more about Give a Gig, visit or send me an email at [email protected]