Bands For Hire Ltd

Bands For Hire is a live music agency based in Stamford with a roster spanning across England and Wales.

Founded by Adam Mezzatesta in 2010, the company currently represent in the region of 300 bands and artists across a wide variety of genres, from popular chart music to jazz, swing, classical and world music.

We're currently focused on forming closer relationships with our bands and musicians; that means investing in new and up-and-coming acts who show a high level of talent, competence and willingness to succeed, and improving their act to compete with the industry leaders. With the financial burden lifted, our musicians are able to focus on the most important aspect of their careers – the music!

Bands For Hire cater for a wide array of clients, both private and corporate – notable events in the past year include an appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats, corporate events for clients such as Adobe, Google and Amazon along with numerous weddings and corporate events across Europe.

With over 3,500 functions booked every year, we've created a gig management system that makes it easy for our musicians to monitor their bookings at all times, taking the stress of diary management and quoting out of the equation. Our experienced team members provide a one to one customer service with our clients, taking them from their initial enquiry, right up to the final logistics of the day.

Artist Applications

We offer two types of agreements for artists, both exclusive and non-exclusive. With our non-exclusive terms, artists can join our roster whilst signing to other agencies and market themselves independently - this tends to be more suitable for artists in a niche market or for bands who would prefer not to be tied down for a set period.

Our exclusive contracts see us taking on more of a managerial role and is more suited for bands looking to take on a higher workload. By signing exclusively, we commit to a minimum number of bookings per year which means the band are promoted more heavily and have higher visibility on our website.

For all applications, musicians can send us details of their act at