A day in the life of... a portfolio musician

The life of a musician can be extremely rewarding and restless at the same time. I personally love being busy, especially if it means doing what I love most. Today is no exception, I have a full day scheduled with commitments and I can’t wait to get started.

The alarm rings quite early this morning, 6.30am, it’s a mild and sunny autumn day.

After having had my breakfast I start my day with some guitar playing, morning is the best time for me to practice as my mind is fresh and I can better focus.

Today I have to slightly reduce my practice time as I have to go into the studio to record some guitar tracks for an outstanding project called the “Vivaldi Metal Project” an album which will feature some of the best rock musicians from all over the world. http://www.vivaldimetalproject.com

I arrive at the studio at about 11am and Phil the producer is already there, he already knows what type of sound and ideas I had in mind for the recording so we get started straight away, Phil is extremely committed to his profession and I know I can totally trust him.

I have to record rhythm guitars for one track, the only ballad on the album. I’ve been practicing my parts for a while in preparation to this, and I’m sure the results will be great.

The recording process is straight forward and only takes a couple of hours, we are both very satisfied with the outcome. Thinking that my name will be among many amazing musicians really excites me!

I then leave the studio after a rather productive morning and head back home, I have a few guitar students booked for the afternoon. Guitar teaching takes a lot of my time but I love it and it’s also a good source of income. I teach all ages, however, today’s students are all kids. One of them, Fred, is only 8 years old but is already so much committed and practices every day.

After the teaching my schedule is not over yet, as I have rehearsals with the band afterwards. We usually rehearse weekly in the evening, that’s usually the time where everyone is available.

We are getting ready for a few dates around the UK which will take place at the end of the month. At about 10pm I return home, tired but pleased. It’s been probably one of the most intense days I have had in a while, but to be honest, it went by so fast!