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Self-employed visiting music teachers' fees: our survey results 2019

As in previous years, the latest survey results indicate significant differences between fees paid in independent schools, in state-funded schools and by music services and hubs.
Rates quoted for self-employed, part-time teachers ranged from £10 to £70 with an average of £32.87. The median rate charged is £32; 20% of respondents charged £26.50 or less while 20% charged £39.23 or more.
The survey results show that the majority of music teachers in Greater London and the South East charged more for their services than teachers located in Inner London and the rest of the UK.

Hourly rates for self-employed music teachers in schools by school type (£ per hour)

Type of school£ per hour£ per hour
Mid-point*Central -range**
Independent schools£38£32-42.25
State-funded schools (inc. academies and free schools)£30£26-34
Music services or hubs£26.40£24.50-32
Specialist music schools£30£24-37

Hourly rates for self-employed music teachers in schools by region (£ per hour)

Region£ per hour£ per hour
Mid-point*Central range**
Inner London£35£26.90-46
Outer London£38£32-42
Elsewhere in SE England£35£30-40.75
Elsewhere in the UK£30£25.20-34

Increase in rates

42.3% of self-employed, part time music teachers in schools have had an increase in their rate since September 2017. 39.7% expect the rate to increase over the next 12 months.

The size of the increase ranges from 12 pence through to £10 with an average increase of £1.64. The median increase was £1.

Room Hire

Self-employed teachers were asked whether they needed to pay for room hire. Of those who answered this question, just over 16% said they did pay for room hire and the average hourly rate quoted was just under £3. Some respondents commented that they paid an amount per term rather than hourly.

* Half the respondents charged this amount or more and half charged this amount or less.
** Most respondents charged fees within this range. (Only 20% charged more and 20% charged less.)

Musicians are asked to respond with their rate for one-to-one tuition only, so these results will not take into account group teaching or other special circumstances.