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Self-employed visiting music teachers' fees: our survey results 2018

As in previous years, the latest survey results indicate significant differences between fees paid in independent schools, in state-funded schools and by music services and hubs. Most self-employed teachers in schools were paid between £27 and £39 per hour (The mid -point £32 per hour).
44% of self-employed visiting music teachers told us they were working in independent schools, 43% in state-funded schools, 9% in music services and 3.5% in specialist music schools.

£ per hour
£ per hour
Central range**
independent schools4037-46
maintained schools3230.40-38
music services and hubs26.7524.90-30
South East
independent schools 38.7034-42.24
maintained schools33.5027-36
music services and hubs2625.34-29.40
Rest of UK
independent schools 33.0928-37.60
maintained schools3025-32
music services and hubs2620.40-29.60

Increase in rates

43% of self-employed visiting music teachers saw an increase in their fees in the 2016/17 academic year, with most receiving an increase of between 90 pence and £2 per hour.

* Half the respondents charged this amount or more and half charged this amount or less.
** Most respondents charged fees within this range. (Only 20% charged more and 20% charged less.)

Musicians are asked to respond with their rate for one-to-one tuition only, so these results will not take into account group teaching or other special circumstances.