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School room hire charges

Our recent survey of fees paid to visiting music teachers (VMTs) in schools asked self-employed VMTs about any charges made by their school for their use of the school’s teaching facilities.

Most teachers answering this question told us that their school does not make any charge for VMTs’ use of the school’s facilities. Other schools charged only a nominal fee perhaps as little as £1 per pupil per term. However, there are some schools that charge substantially more than this.

If your school is proposing a more than nominal charge, you may want to draw the school’s attention to these survey findings. If you are an ISM member, you should contact our legal team for advice.

We disagree with the view, sometimes put forward by schools, that a room hire charge is necessary to demonstrate the VMT’s self-employed status. Our view is that teachers who bill parents directly are unlikely to be employees.

Some music teachers pass on the room hire charge to parents, listing it as a separate item on their termly invoices.