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Private music tuition fees: our survey results 2019

In September 2018, most private teachers charged between £28 and £40 per hour with the mid-point being £32. Fees quoted ranged from less than £10 per hour to £85 per hour.
Fees charged in London were significantly higher than those charged elsewhere in the UK, with fees charged in Inner London being significantly higher than those charged in Outer London. Fees charged in the South-East were also significantly higher than those charged in all other regions. Between the regions outside of the South-East, there was no significant differences in the fees charged. Fees for private music tuition in September 2018 (in £ per hour)

Fees for private music tuition between January and September 2018 (in £ per hour)

£ per hour£ per hour
Mid-point*Central range**
Inner London£40£35-51.5
Outer London£40£32-45
Elsewhere in South-East England£35£30-40
East Midlands£30£24-33
West Midlands£30£28-35
South-West England£32£28-35
North-East England£30£26-£31
North-West England£30£27-34
Northern Ireland£25£18-30
Outside London£30£27-36

Increase in rates

Almost 35% reported that they had raised their private teaching rates over the previous twelve months. The majority of those who did increase their fees raised them by between £2 and £5 per hour. The average increase reported was almost £3 (£2.73) per hour.

A high proportion of survey respondents (43%) expected to increase their tuition rate over the 12 months to September 2019.

* Half the respondents charged this amount or more and half charged this amount or less.

** Most respondents charged fees within this range. (Only 20% charged more and 20% charged less.)

Musicians are asked to respond with their rate for one-to-one tuition only, so these results will not take into account group teaching or other special circumstances.