Musicians’ health: how BAPAM can help

The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a unique charity set up to help musicians and other performers to stay healthy. Here we outline the ways in which BAPAM helps musicians to stay healthy and, when problems occur, return to health.

Free Clinics

BAPAM holds free clinics where musicians (including music teachers) can obtain a free consultation with a clinician who has an expertise in problems affecting performers. These might include, among other conditions, playing-related injuries and pain, tension, hypermobility, voice problems, performance anxiety and stress. BAPAM’s clinicians are from a wide range of backgrounds. They include general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, rheumatologists and orthopaedists.

BAPAM’s clinics are held not only in London but also in Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Portsmouth. To book an appointment call 020 7804 8444. A member of BAPAM’s staff team will take a few details in order to decide which clinician you should see for an initial consultation and make an appointment for you to see them.

This initial consultation is free of charge.

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Online Advice

BAPAM’s information resources help musicians to care for their health and to continue to perform at their peak. BAPAM Factsheets are available to download for free from the BAPAM website. They cover topics such as:-

Don't cramp your style!
Warm-up exercises for musicians (Also available as a pocket-sized leaflet - see below)

Fit to play
Top tips for instrumental musicians

Fit to sing
Vocal health is about mind and body as well as voice

Sensible eating for performers
Finding a healthy balance with the food you eat

Psychological Self-Care
Keep mentally healthy, enhance your well-being and achieve your goals

The drinks are on me
How do you manage stress, and how can you spot the signs of a drink problem?

I can't go on
Managing performance anxiety (stage fright)

Choosing a Psychotherapist or Counsellor

Risky business
Situations that put the musician at risk

Don't lose the music
Hearing loss and tinnitus

The acoustic guitar
Playing technique and ergonomics

The Healthy Pianist
Essential advice for piano and keyboard players

BAPAM’s popular Warm-up Exercises for Musicians resource is available as a pocket-sized leaflet. Music teachers can help spread the word about healthy performance and the help available from BAPAM by distributing these leaflets to their students.

Directory of Practitioners

BAPAM maintain a Directory of practitioners with expertise in performing arts health care. Practitioners listed on the Directory are appropriately insured, qualified and attend specialist training events. They cover a wide range of specialist expertise. Musicians can approach them directly for advice. Often practitioners on the Directory offer reduced rates to BAPAM-registered clients.

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Contact: 020 7404 8444, [email protected]