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How to... Play at a festival

The ISM's 'How to…' series has been produced in collaboration with music industry experts. It builds on the practical industry advice offered at the ISM Trust's The Empowered Musician event, highlighting the skills and knowledge you need in key areas to succeed in your music career.

Empowered Musician partner Serious’ David Jones and George Vass, Artistic Director of Presteigne Festival, offer their specialist advice in How to… Play at a festival. Find out about the festival life cycle, from programming to payment, including how to engage promoters, arrange merchandise stands and the filming of your performance. As part of this How to chapter, the ISM has produced a guide to technical riders, including a check list.

If you are a member, please sign in and read the resource in the Advice packs section of the website.

Alternatively, non-members can get some quick tips from the resource.

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