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Accompanists and examining fees: conducted: Our survey results 2021

This year, it was difficult to obtain accurate information about accompanying work, as this was not possible for most of 2020 and online options are less feasible than for teaching – just 27 respondents said they had done online accompanying work in one or more of the below categories.

32% of respondents said they had carried out accompanying work prior to lockdown, half of these in just one or two areas. The median rate charged per hour was £32 ranging from the bottom 20% charging £25 or less and the top 20% £40 or higher.

  • examinations (including rehearsal fee)
  • grades 1-4 (per exam)
  • grades 5-6 (per exam)
  • grades 7-8 (per exam)
  • diplomas (per exam)
  • festivals and competitions (including rehearsal fee)
  • amateur choir or operatic society
  • school or college choir
  • dance lessons
  • auditions (including rehearsal fee)
  • organist in church

In addition to accompanying work, we also asked if those who normally do accompanying, for example those who play an organ in church, were asked to work via online streaming. Twelve percent of the sample had done so.

We also asked respondents about any work as an examiner, either prior to lockdown or for online exams and 6% of respondents had worked in this area. 82.6% of these worked as self-employed when examining and 68% are paid a daily rate, with a further 18% being paid by the hour.

For our full survey results, see The ISM’s annual survey of teaching, examining and accompanying rates: conducted November 2020 - January 2021.

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