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Accompanists fees: our survey results 2019

Accompanists Survey respondents were asked to indicate the hourly rate charged for accompanying between January and September 2018 for the following categories:

  • Examinations: grades 1-4 (per exam)
  • Examinations: grades 5-6 (per exam)
  • Examinations: grades 7-8 (per exam)
  • Examinations: diplomas (per exam)
  • Festivals and competitions (per hour)
  • Amateur choir/operatic society (per rehearsal hour)
  • School or college choir (per hour)
  • Dance lessons (per hour)
  • Auditions (per audition)
£ per hour
Central range**
£ per hour
Examinations: grades 1-4 (per exam)£30£18-40
Examinations: grades 5-6 (per exam)
Examinations: grades 7-8 (per exam)£40£30-65
Examinations: diplomas (per exam)£65£36-100
Festivals and competitions (per hour)£35£25-60
Amateur choir/operatic society (per rehearsal hour)£30£20-40
School or college choir (per hour)£30£20-40
Dance lessons (per hour)£24.50£20-34
Auditions (per audition)£40£30-75

Increase in rates

30% of all respondents said they had done accompanying work between January and September 2018. Overall the rates appear to have increased slightly from last year.

* Half the respondents charged this amount or more and half charged this amount or less.

** Most respondents charged fees within this range. (Only 20% charged more and 20% charged less.)