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Accompanists and examining fees: Our survey results 2022

The survey was conducted by an independent statistician and was open from 16 September 2021 to 17 December 2021. In total there were 545 respondents that answered enough questions to be included in the results.

As with last year, opportunities for accompanying work were restricted at times due to lockdown, with remote options less feasible than for teaching.

99 of the 545 survey respondents reported that they had done accompanying work across the below categories, in either one or more area:

  • examinations
  • grades 1-4
  • grades 5-6
  • grades 7-8
  • diplomas
  • festivals and competitions
  • amateur choir or operatic society
  • auditions
  • organist in church

In addition to accompanying work, 12% of the sample – the same proportion as last year – had performances streamed online. And, as per last year, numbers working as examiners were very small, just 5% of respondents had worked in this area.

For our full survey results, see: The ISM’s annual survey of teaching, examining and accompanying rates: Conducted September - December 2021.