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About the Feldenkrais Method

Humans beings are the most versatile and sophisticated musical instrument of all, and for a long and healthy professional life a performer needs both physical and mental stamina, and well-organised and efficient self-use. Over time, too many musicians succumb to the kinds of injuries that a demanding schedule of rehearsal, performance and travel can bring on. The Feldenkrais Method® was designed to enable us to access the brain’s ability to unlearn old, unhelpful habits, and replace them with new, better, more effective ways of moving and being. As we rediscover our innate human ability to act with less effort, and ever greater ease, our performance becomes ever more confident, charismatic and joyous.

What is Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method® is a comprehensive system of mind and body movement education. It is named after its founder, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, who was a scientist, physicist and engineer. He was also a martial arts expert and had extensive knowledge in anatomy, psychology and neuro physiology. All these elements formed the basis of his work which he used to rehabilitate his injured knee when the surgeons could only give him less than 50% chance of recovery and full use. His innovative insights into the somatic education continue to influence physical therapy, brain plasticity and arts education. The Feldenkrais Method® can be experienced in a class (Awareness Through Movement) or in a one-to-one (Functional Integration) situation.

How can it help musicians?

Musicians turn to The Feldenkrais Method® to address any number of issues including:

  • playing-related injuries or pain
  • a wish to change their playing
  • a desire to change their sound
  • to broaden the range of sound
  • to better realise their musical intentions
  • to gain greater physical pleasure from playing an instrument/singing
  • to make practising more efficient

“The aim is a person that is organised to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but through increased consciousness of how movement works.”

DrMoshe Feldenkrais

For further information about the Feldenkrais Method and to find teachers in your area, please click: feldenkrais.co.uk