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Kate Halsall

Council member

Kate Halsall is a pianist and harmoniumist based in Cumbria and Newcastle Upon Tyne. As a performer and promoter of new music, Kate has recorded, commissioned, premiered and broadcast many new works and is a frequent collaborator on interdisciplinary projects. Kate is a graduate of the Royal College of Music and has worked in music education for 30 years in many settings, from music hubs to universities. She is a regular workshop leader and a Creative Learning tutor at Sage Gateshead. Kate also works in rural touring, developing arts access for children and young people.

Kate performs and commissions new music for piano and other keyboard instruments. Kate’s solo performances often combine old/new music with improvised elements and electronics written for her by composers including Pippa Murphy, Fumiko Miyachi, Leo Chadburn and Rose Dodd. She has released music on several labels including Birmingham Record Label, NMC Recordings, Metier and Another Timbre.

Kate performs widely including for Nonclassical, Blackheather Club and London International Festival of Exploratory Music; Cheltenham Festival, Belfast Book Festival, Marte festival Malaga, ICT + Art NEM Summit Nantes, Timezones Italy, The Barbican Centre ICMC Athens, ICU Rome, Peak Performances New Jersey; Sound Source London, Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music Belfast, Oxford Contemporary Music, and Sound Scotland.