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  • NEW REPORT: The case for change

    The case for change looks at the working conditions of music teachers working as peripatetic teachers, VMTS and those working in the FE and HE sectors.

  • ISM member wins Supreme Court case on holiday pay

    The UK Supreme Court have dismissed the appeal in the case, finding in favour of ISM member Lesley Brazel, and backing our interpretation of holiday pay law.

  • Join the ISM, the UK's professional body for musicians

    Whether you're on stage, behind the scenes or nurturing new talent, get legal support, expert advice and much more. Join the ISM and help us fight for music's future.

  • National Plan for Music Education in England

    Discover our analysis of the refreshed plan, plus free resources to assist in the delivery of outstanding music education.

  • ISM early career membership - Just £50 a year

    Receive our full range of membership benefits for less than £1 a week.

  • Planning performances in Europe?

    Discover the visa and work permit requirements for EU and EEA countries in our new digital guide