ISM Members Fund

    Supporting our members through difficult times

    'Being a freelance musician is a rather precarious career - to know that there is support out there brings a degree of security that I didn’t know existed until this last year'.

    The Members Fund provides help and support to members or former members of the ISM and their dependants who are in real need against specific criteria as determined by the Fund.

    Some musicians the Fund has helped

    Here are the stories of some of the people the Fund has supported and what they said.

    Suzi has a medical condition which means that for many years she has needed to use a wheelchair to move around the schools where she teaches. She came to the Fund when a further deterioration in her health left her without sufficient arm strength to propel her manual wheelchair and the NHS refused her funding for a power-assisted one. When the Fund gave Suzi a grant so that she could buy power-assisted wheels for her existing wheelchair, the improvement in her life was immediate.

    'From thinking I would have to stop teaching altogether to now being in a position where I am having to turn down work is something last year I didn’t think possible.'

    After the breakdown of her relationship with her partner, Susan was left homeless and caring on her own for her two young children. The Fund made a grant to cover the deposit and advance rental on a new home for her and her young children and is now supporting them with a regular grant towards their everyday expenses while Susan builds up her work portfolio.

    'Thank you all at ISM for your incredible support this year- I felt I was able to move forward from my situation and to turn a new leaf.'

    David is a concert pianist and piano teacher who has longstanding dystonia. This has prevented him from performing for a number of years and has limited his teaching work. The Fund made him a grant towards therapy to help his condition.

    'Thank you so much for responding so quickly and positively to my application and I'm absolutely delighted to have this support; it means a great deal to me.'

    When Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer, this meant she had to stop her work as a flautist for six months while undergoing intensive treatment. Her cellist husband Stephen had to curtail his workload to care for her. The Fund offered them a regular grant to help with their everyday expenses over the period of treatment.

    'We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of those at ISM and the financial aid has helped keep us steady during a very turbulent year…Having support such as we have had makes all the difference.'

    How you can help

    The Fund is not financed in any way by members’ annual subscriptions. It has been able to support musicians and their families through hard times thanks to the generous donations and legacies of individuals wanting to help musicians in need.

    Find out more about how you can help the Fund.

    The ISM Members Fund is the working name of the Benevolent Fund of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, registered charity number 206801.