About us

The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) is the UK's professional body for musicians.

Since 1882 we have been promoting the importance of music and protecting the rights of those working within music. 

We are a wholly independent and dynamic organisation dedicated to supporting our 7,800 members with a line-up of unrivalled services and expert advice. We welcome professional musicians from all musical backgrounds and genres, and from all areas of the profession including thousands of performers, composers, music educators, music technology professionals, administrators, music therapists and academics.

Our services are fine-tuned to meet your needs, from student age to retirement and beyond, and our unrivalled membership continues to offer outstanding value for money. Our highly-experienced staff team, many of whom are musicians themselves, offer a personal service which is second to none and we are committed to listening to your concerns so we can continually improve our services to suit your changing needs.

Giving musicians a voice and empowering them in an ever-changing sector is of vital important to us. With your help we continue to successfully campaign to protect musicians' rights and the music profession as a whole. Our financial and political independence allows us the freedom to take your concerns to Government regardless of which political party is in power.